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A monthly round-up of the latest news, views and updates from the world of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok!

March 15, 2023
A monthly round-up of the latest news, views and updates from the world of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok!

With Elon Musk at the helm of Twitter and Zuckerberg on a mission to turn the human workforce into androids, it can be hard to keep up to date with how the world of social media is evolving…

So we thought we’d pull together monthly email updates and blogs to keep our clients and followers informed on the latest algorithm updates, product launches and milestone moments.

So please do feel free to drop us a line with any and all of your thoughts, as we’d love to hear them!


LinkedIn FINALLY introduces scheduled company posts! 🙌

Linkedin introduces scheduled posts for Linkedin company pages!

Why it has taken so long, we have no idea. But finally, FINALLY, we can schedule posts from LinkedIn company pages!

Introduced to the platform last month, the update means social media managers no longer have to use third party programmes such as Loomly, Sprout Social and Hootsuite to schedule posts on their brand pages.

The new scheduling feature is simple and easy to use. When you have created your post, simply select the clock to access the scheduling feature. After that, you can fill in the date and time for publishing (max 90 days in advance) and your post is ready to be scheduled!


TikTok introduces new ‘Sounds for Business’ 🎶

TikTok introduces new ‘Sounds for Business’!

Often find yourself frustrated by the limited music choice you have when creating a TikTok video for your brand(s)?

TikTok’s new ‘Sounds for Business’, available via its Commercial Music Library, is set to incorporate a range of audio elements, including voice-over clips, music, and more – providing a range of new options for your videos.

The collection of custom sounds is designed as templates for easy content creation. With a mix of music, voice over, and other directional sound cues, the sounds are made to help businesses of all sizes create engaging, and creative content.


Facebook Reels to be extended 🎥

The maximum length of Reel videos on Facebook has been extended to 90 seconds, up from the current limit of 60 seconds.

Reels were introduced by Meta – the owner of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram – in response to the emergence of TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

The primary purpose of Reels is to create short, full-screen vertical videos, that are engaging and entertaining for users to watch predominantly on mobile. They’re not resource intensive and often attract more engagement when they’re off-the-cuff and feel authentic and spontaneous.

The update will also see the social network introduce popular templates to make it easier for creators and brands to produce Reels and introduce a series of new songs and audio to choose from.


Snapchat hits 750 million monthly users 📈

It’s rarely the first social platform you’d think of embracing as a business, nor the most used, but Snapchat continues to increase its market share.

In fact, the platform announced just last month that it has now hit 750 million monthly users, despite the incredible rise of TikTok leading many to think it would spell the end of the platform.

For small B2C businesses, it could well be one to keep an eye on, especially with its engaging ads


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