New website

Today we launched a new website. A momentous day for Creo, having stuck with the same one for just under seven years...

February 1, 2021
Outside of Creo office

We loved the old site, and it served us very well for the time we had it… In fact, we still got lots of compliments on it, but onwards and upwards.

It was time for a change, as we overhauled our brand in favour of something more reflective of the business Creo now is. As the company has grown and developed, and as we’ve all grown as professionals within it, I guess it’s quite natural that the look and feel of the company should evolve too. And of course, with the website overhaul, a change to my profile photo, which now reflects a more ‘lived in’ look… I’m no longer the bouncy 27-year-old who set up Creo, but a slightly more creaky mother of one… Still with the same enthusiasm I had on day one, but with a few more grey hairs to show for my endeavours.

We’re really pleased with our new look – and we think it reflects us much better. The addition of in-house creative a few years ago, and move towards digital comms means we’re far from a traditional business now, and we wanted a website that showed our evolution.

Last year, we completed the renovation of our new office and that’s been a catalyst for change. It ‘feels’ very different working from there (though 2020 – and 2021 so far – hasn’t given us the best chance to really test it out) and the overall sense is that, culturally, we’ve moved on from the Creo Communications of old to the Creo Comms of today.

Like many a busy marcomms company, we have been guilty of neglecting our own marketing – not uncommon… We’ve been super busy and – as a result – our own stuff has been firmly on the back burner. But we’re going to try hard to practice what we preach this year and show you what we’re up to. We’ll share some behind the scenes stuff, post more blogs, add more examples of the work we’re doing that makes us super proud… We’ll generally be a little more communicative… after all, it’s what we do for a living.

And please – talk to us! Tell us what you think of the new site | Follow us on social media | And let us know if we can help you breathe new life into your brand, just as we have our own. It’s been such a refreshing process and we’re really excited about what the new look will help us achieve in 2021.