There’s an ‘international day of’ for everything you can think of, or so it seems, but when brands jump on bandwagons for the sake of extra content and links become obscure, it can all become a bit… try hard.

Of course, there’s room to be creative with awareness days and have some light-hearted fun, maybe even score some brownie points with your team by dishing out pizzas on National Pizza Day. However, if you’re a telecommunications company planning content for National Margarita Day, I’d suggest putting down the tequila and giving it a miss.

On that note, here’s some rules to consider when planning your content for awareness days…

Relevance is key

If you’re going to spend time putting together a post for an awareness day, it needs to be relevant to your brand and audience. To avoid looking like you’re scraping the barrel for content, a good rule of thumb is to only take part in awareness days if you have something valuable to add, it clearly links to your business, allows your brand personality to shine through, or will increase engagement in a positive way.

Less is more

Don’t take part in awareness days just because you don’t have anything else to post. Everything you share reflects your brand and some days not posting at all is better than jumping on a trending topic without any real purpose, especially if the topic is to raise awareness for a good cause.

Be authentic

Whichever awareness days you choose to mark on social media, make sure you do it with authenticity. After all, your social channels are an extension of your business, and you don’t want to jeopardise your credibility or confuse your audience about who you are.

Use hashtags

Most awareness days will have a specific hashtag to use in your posts, which will help people find you and open the conversation with a wider audience.

Plan ahead

The beauty of awareness days is that you can plan your content ahead of time, but make sure you get the right date! You may find different sources show different dates, and many are specific to the United States. If possible, find the organisation or charity behind the awareness day and verify the date on their social media or website.

Bear in mind that real-life events and incidents may impact your social schedule, so it’s always important to check your scheduled posts regularly to avoid sharing anything insensitive.

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